Official packages

Source tarball:hiawatha-11.6.tar.gz
MacOS X package:hiawatha-11.6.dmg(Intel binaries only)
Windows via Cygwin)
Hiawatha Monitor:monitor-1.7.tar.gz(information page)

Read the Changelog to see what's new. You can browse the source via GitLab.

To verify if the new version of Hiawatha understands the configuration of your currently installed version, use './hiawatha -k' after compilation. The version number of the latest release can be found here.

Hiawatha was designed for Unix. The fact that a Windows package is available, is because it was so easy to build it with Cygwin. I've never fully tested the impact that Cygwin or Windows has on Hiawatha, so don't use the Windows version for production websites unless you've tested it yourself. Interesting to know is that I've had several e-mails from users who stated that the Windows version of Hiawatha works very well. Nevertheless, use at your own risk!


The Hiawatha webserver is distributed under the GPL license version 2.

Unoffical packages / ports

The security of the packages / ports below has not been verified. Use at your own risk.

ALT Linux

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