Hiawatha Monitor


The Hiawatha Monitor is a monitoring tool for the Hiawatha webserver. It can be used to keep track of the performance and security of all your Hiawatha webservers via one single interface. It's not a replacement for analytics software or the local logfiles, but it gives you a quick and easy overview of how your webservers are performing and which ones require some attention. The Hiawatha Monitor is a PHP webapplication with a MySQL database backend. It requires the cron daemon for periodic downloading of statistical information from the webservers it monitors.

Monitor screenshot


The Hiawatha Monitor is free. The Hiawatha Monitor is built upon the Banshee PHP framework. The license of the Banshee PHP framework still applies to the files which are part of the Banshee PHP framework. For more information about the license of the Banshee PHP framework, visit the Banshee website.


Read the Hiawatha Monitor HOWTO for installation instructions. A README with configuration instructions is included in the tarball.


The Hiawatha Monitor can be downloaded via the download page or via GitLab.