HOWTO: Monitor

This page describes how to use Hiawatha's monitoring feature. To use the monitoring feature, you need two components: the Hiawatha webserver and the Hiawatha Monitor, which is a PHP/MySQL web application. You need one or more servers which run the Hiawatha webserver (the monitoring clients) and a server to run the Hiawatha Monitor website (the monitoring server). You can, of course, use one server to be both monitoring client and monitoring server.

Compilation of Hiawatha

When using the monitor feature, make sure the Hiawatha instances which run as a monitoring client have been compiled with -DENABLE_MONITOR=on.

Configuring the monitoring clients

To activate the monitoring feature in the Hiawatha webserver, use the MonitorServer setting.

MonitorServer = <IP address of the monitor server>

The IP address of the monitor server will be used by the Hiawatha webserver to create an AccessList in order to protect the monitoring logfiles. Only the monitoring server will be allowed to download the monitoring logfiles.

Installation of the monitoring website

Download the monitoring website tarball and unpack it to a suitable locaton. Follow the instructions in the included README file. The monitoring website requires PHP5, MySQL and the cron daemon. You need basic Hiawatha knowledge to install the monitoring website.

Configuring the monitoring website

Point your brower to the monitoring website, log in with username 'admin' and password 'monitor' and go to the CMS menu. Click on 'Webservers' and add the monitoring clients. Don't forget to change the password of the admin account.