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These HOWTO pages describe how to install, configure, and use the Hiawatha webserver. They begin with basic installation and configuration. Then, various pages describe the more advanced features and unique uses of Hiawatha. These HOWTO pages do not describe every available configuration option in detail. Please read the Manual Pages for such information.

If these HOWTO pages do not answer your questions, please use the search function, which searches the entire Hiawatha website; including HOWTOs, man pages, FAQs, and forum posts. If you still can not find your answer, please post to the forums. I try to answer all forum posts quickly and completely.

These HOWTO pages apply to the latest release of Hiawatha. If you have an older version, please read the Changelog first.

  1. Compilation and installation
  2. Starting and stopping
  3. Normal and TLS bindings
  4. Defining websites
  5. CGI and FastCGI
  6. PHP configuration
  7. CGI wrapper for improved CGI security
  8. HTTP authentication
  9. The URL toolkit
  10. URL rewrite rules for CMSes, wiki's, webmails, etc
  11. Customized directory and XML layout
  12. The Hiawatha Monitor
  13. Usage of IP version 6
  14. Linux security patches and Hiawatha
  15. Example configuration file

Linux Magazine features an online article about Hiawatha. For our German visitors, the translated article is available at Admin Magazin.